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Projects 3 MIN READ 4/20/2023 1:23:06 PM

Business portal with municipalities

We have been successfully developing digital platforms for the Ministry of Justice for several years now. In recent days, the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan presented the "Portal for working with municipalities" ( A portal has been presented that will implement both the daily work of municipalities and the delivery of citizens' appeals to municipalities as soon as possible.

🔍 Citizens through the portal:

- they can get acquainted with news related to local self-government, the list of artists and electoral bodies, and also send their online applications and proposals in a short time.

🔍 Municipalities through the portal:

- municipalities and local self-governing bodies can enter their personal offices, create protocols for citizens' activities, make amendments, exchange documents between municipalities, in short, they can now perform the functions they used to do with paper and emails through the platform.

We express our gratitude to the Department of Information Technologies and Innovations of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which entrusted us with this task. We want to note that we have been completing the projects of many state institutions at a professional level for several years now!