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Portmanat is the electronic wallet designed to carry out daily payments.
Portmanat is very simple, your wallet account number is your mobile number.
User operations are protected by SSL security certificate.

Payment services available through the ports:
* Utility payments
* Mobile operators
* Internet providers
* Cable TV
* Online games, social networks, etc.

Maximum amount of payment is 500 AZN.

Additional services:
"Templates" - to fill in the form and to remember the payment details.
"Automatic repayment" - it is intended for automatic payment of pre-recorded services on your account at the specified date.
"Send Money" - Allows instant money transfers between Portmanate accounts.
"Archive" - ​​All transactions are kept.
"e-Debt" - it is possible to make such payment if there is not enough amount in your balance.
Portmanate Code service is available for users who want to make unlimited payments. Portland Code can be obtained from all payment terminals of the country in the form of electronic vouchers.

Used Tools


Android Studio

Objective C