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Məsuliyyətli sürücü

PASHA Insurance’s campaign named “discounts for exemplary drivers” which started on 23th November 2016 successfully ended. Hence, 147 drivers earned CASCO Insruance discount up to 30% from PASHA Insurance. 

The campaign was held in Ganjlik Mall, 1st floor. On total of 417 drivers competed in this campaign answering 10 questions about traffic rules which were presented in special tablets attached on “Məsuliyyətli sürücüyə biz cavabdehik” stands. 

All participants of the campaign received different interesting gifts from PASHA Insurance while winners were awarded special presents. In this relation, drivers who answered all 10 questions correctly, got 30% discount on PASHA Insurance CASCO product. Following that, participants answering 9, 8, and 7 questions correctly accordingly received 20%, 15%, and 10% discounts. 

Important to mention, main purpose of the campaign – “discounts for exemplary drivers” – was to promote responsible driving habits and the company plans to countunio this concept with new campains in future.

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