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Rail Freight Management System

After new challenges arise in the rail freight transportation, Rail Freight Management System comes with the best alternative, a solution oriented to the railway sector that solves all the possible challenges. With the expansion of the transport networks and the international connection of routes, among other scenarios, it is absolutely necessary to have the best qualified team and the best possible resources.

Our offer includes the best tools in the market to maintain the quality and obtain the maximum profitability and competitiveness. Rail Freight Management System offers the sector a planning and control systems adapted with a world-class technology, which covers the needs of all its departments.

The Rail Freight Management System solution 

The software for freight transport management Rail Freight Management System is  completely oriented to rail freight transport companies; it allows the optimal planning of drivers, as well as rolling fleet and inspectors.

Main characteristics of the software:

Maximum optimization: it allows the resolution of train schedules and driver and inspector shifts using a single tool, optimizing them to obtain the best results from an economic and operations point of view.

Flexibility and adaptability: the high structural level assures the accurate definition of the business requirements.

Integration: integration of the corporate tools of the client (SAE, SAP, HR,…) with Rail Freight Management System tools.

Usability: quick editors that allow visual analysis of the solutions, and integrated reports for the complete control of the results.

Support: Rail Freight Management System has a highly qualified team to respond to all the questions of the clients and the incidents occurred.

Used Tools


Oracle XE

.NET Technologies