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Baharın 5 anı

PASHA Insurance company announced "Baharın 5 anı" for customers purchased voluntary auto insurance KASKO.

Until 31 May 2018 customers, acquired voluntary auto insurance CASCO, have had the opportunity to participate in the promotion and made spring memorable with a gift from PASHA Insurance. Thus, for the purchase of a CASCO insurance policy in the amount of AZN 450 and above, customers were asked to open one of 5 boxes and received a gift in it.

Insurers who purchased a CASCO insurance policy worth up to 2,500 AZN were able to receive one of 5 gifts based on a random selection: a gift card with a balance of 100 AZN from Azpetrol or MyBrands chain stores, a tourist certificate with a face value of 100 AZN, a car vacuum cleaner, and a car DVR.

In addition, having insured a car for an amount above 2500 AZN, customers were able to choose boxes with such gifts as a gift card with a 200 AZN balance from Azpetrol or MyBrands chain stores, 200 AZN tourist certificate, a vacuum cleaner and a Bluetooth headset.

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