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Recruitment Portal

Get to know the new Recruitment Portal by Crocusoft!

The recruitment Portal referred to as İşə qəbul portalı” in Azerbaijani language, makes the recruitment process easier, faster, and smarter!

Handling recruitment with classic [email protected] emails is now old-fashioned. Subjectless e-mails, unknown application purposes, loss of CV /portfolio base, and etcetera are all reducing the productivity of the HR team.

Leading organizations of Azerbaijan, such as Kapital Bank, prefer to modernize their HR department with Recruitment Portal. We just launched portal for this purpose.

Advantages of Recruitment Portal are the followings:

  • Modern, smooth user interface and user experience
  • CV database
  • Automatic CV check
  • taking notes on your CV
  • Measuring the quality of the Recruitment team's work

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